Contractor Services

Are you a general contractor?

Are you a project or facilities manager?

Wish you could find that partner that will "just take care of your needs" when it comes to waste management, regardless of what you need to dispose of?

If you said yes to one or more of these questions, call us today!

We understand what you want, need, and the type of support your job requires.

Whether it's concrete, brick, gravel, shingles, construction debris, demolition debris, garbage, or a mixture of the above, we can help you.

Even if you have electronics or tires, KWTS can dispose of your waste in the most environmentally-friendly manner possible.

We can help you with virtually all of your contractor-related-needs. Let KWTS be THE partner of choice to help you grow your business knowing that no matter what your disposal needs are, we can support you.

No other transfer station can provide the support that we can. All you need to do is give KWTS a try on your next project and you will see why many of your competitors already deal with us today.