Electronic Recycling Services

KWTS has always focused on the electronics market as a viable way of reducing our carbon footprint to minimize our economy's impact on the environment. With electronics becoming more-and-more disposable in nature, KWTS plays an important part in reducing the amount of electronic waste that ends up in our landfills, and contaminates our environment.

KWTS works with the leading industry experts to ensure that your electronic waste minimizes it's impact on the environment today and in the future. The only way to achieve proper environmental disposal is to disassemble the product to reclaim various base and hazardous materials for subsequent recycling processing.

Disassembly of IT assets begins with removal of hazardous materials bearing parts (CRTs with leaded glass from monitor/TV, mercury-containing bulb from laptop/LCDs/Scanner/Copier/Fax machine, batteries from various devices, and ink toner cartridges from printers) from equipment.

A strict adherence to disassembly operation of non-remarketable IT assets ensures that zero landfill and zero export goals are achieved.

In order to process such a large volume of e-waste, KWTS partners with the leading e-Waste processors that has installed a gravity and powered belt conveyor system that enables safe transportation of recovered materials.

Know that when working with KWTS, your electronics will be recycled in the most environmentally friendly methods possible today.