Kirby Waste Transfer Solutions

Recycling Today For a Better Tomorrow

Most citizens have no clue on what it takes to be an environmentally friendly contributor to the society in which they reside.

Ironically, most people consider themselves a "contributor" to pollution, also commonly referred to as a "consumer".

At KWTS we understand that we are ALL responsible for consuming, which is what our economy is firmly based upon. We think that we are all contributors versus consumers when it comes to the impact on our environment. What we contribute (or divert from contributing) determines how we impact the environment as a society.

Should you decide to bring your waste to KWTS, you can rest at night knowing your waste was disposed of in the most environmentally responsible method available today, with the highest percent of your waste diverted where possible.

From a few dollars per bag of garbage, to responsible waste disposal (such as batteries, tires, paint-cans, etc), we can help ensure your waste is disposed of properly without risk of it leaking into the environment.

Come to KWTS and you will see the difference in responsible waste disposal.



Please note that KWTS is currently NOT accepting batteries of any form, paint cans, empty or full, or any other hazardous materials. Please consult with your local municipality for you local drop-off centres that are able to handle this type of waste.